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If you were me 假如你是我

synopsis outline 2009 故事大綱

Starring : Francine Szeto , Aaron Ong, Zachary Benares, Kelly Shing, Alannah Ong
Directed : Silvester See Wai Yin
Story: Silvester See Wai Yin

Maggie, the only daughter of The Safari wildlife park owner David Wong Found great love for animals after she felt left alone by her busy Father especially after her Mother passed away and became an Autistic child. She often hangs around in the park alone and speaks to the animals.

長隆野生動物園大老板女兒(美琪) 因父母工作太忙常出外, 及種種原因 疏於照雇美琪, 導至美琪心理不健全, 患上優郁自閉症, 從此美琪常在動物園關團時間后,偷偷跑進動物園和動物聊天,

At their circus show, Maggie met the son of a professional flying trapeze, Zachary and with their high interest with animals they became best friends.
One day, Maggie suddenly, After visiting the monkeys and close contacts with all the animals, she found herself starting to hear and understanding the animals' conversations and she could even communicate with them when she is in close contact with her favorite animals little white tiger and little Malaysian Bear .
Through the conversation with all the animals Maggie was amazed although being a little afraid of the situations, she understood that there're problems in the animal's world too and wanted to try her best to support their needs and also inform Zachary about the amazing experience but Maggie only find out that she was the only one that could really communicate with the animals when she is in close contact

在一次偶然情況下,美琪發現自己競慢慢能聽到那些動物園裡的動物在說話, 同時更發覺自己最喜爰的小白虎和小犀牛競能更深入的溝通和交流.. 隨后和眾多動物的交往過程當中,美琪便了解許多動物的知識. 某曰,小白虎很不開心,美琪得知原來在動物的眼裡,白老虎是低品種的老虎, 所以小白虎常給其他動物鄙視及在動物的眼裡,白老虎是低品種的老虎, 所以小白虎常給其他動物鄙視及恥笑, 美琪便鼓勵小白虎用行動及奈心去改變它們的看法,美琪也積極地幫著小白虎

The park was crowded with people on a public holiday and one primary school group came to visit the zoo. A couple of the students felt ill and the teacher clumsily rushed them to the hospital only to leave 2 wandering children behind in the Zoo
When the park is about to be closing, all animals were discussing about the missing primary kids in the dangerous area.

某天, 美琪正准備探望小犀牛時, 發現小犀牛患上急性病但無人發覺,美琪便焦急地四處尋找動物園的人員. 在拯救小犀牛的過程中, 美琪了解剄動物的世界裡也藏著動物的問題, 使其有了要幫助這些動物的想法, 而在動物園裡的動物也很希望通過她是人類耒表達它們的心願. 從此美琪在動物園裡盡力幫助著這班動物朋友.....

Maggie over heard this from the monkeys and hurried to rescue the two kids bringing her animal friends, Little White Tiger and Malaysian Bear with her. Together they overcame all obstacles during the journey and finally with most of the animal's help they managed to find and saved the 2 kids from the Crocodile fields and this brought all animal friends more closely together.
Maggie's Father David, finally realized his lacked of attention for Maggie after all the happening and started to learn not to only lived for his businesses but rather should be spending more time to be with Maggie his only daughter
David organized a happy family day event in the wildlife park to spread the message of the importance of showing love to children so that parents could make use of the event to bringing their children out for a happy family day. To the Zoo

而美琪也得小白虎和小犀牛等等幾隻動物好朋友協助下,也克服了自身的心理, 病態也漸漸康復起來.

If U Were Me Is a Global Film Targeting for families and animal lovers with educations concern about World envoirnmental issues An absolute healthy Film for all families, This film gives opportunities to introduce all kinds of different animals from all over the world plus more, as they are actually seen acting together with the real actors in life in this film In this story they went through magical adventure visiting and inquiring information from all different endangered animals in the Zoo hoping to rescue 2 lost Kids in time before they fell to the Danger Zone, the Crocodile fields!
This film productions is first of this Kind in Asia and the Chinese world Using the latest technology of CGI for most of the animals performances As well as magical moments effects in the film.

及后美琪在動物園裡的報告版上,寫上了一篇關於動物的心願文章題目: (假如你是我) 希望讓大家知道如何愛惜動物,珍惜地球上所有生靈和諧共處………………. (完)