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Black Techno Documentary

Title:"Silvester See ' Black Techno ' The way to ROCK ' It Just Happen" (AKA: Silvester See ' Digital Lover) 60 mins. DV. Music Rock (+Music Dance). January 2003 (In PostProduction). Cantonese. (English subtitled? Yes. English dub? Yes.)
Production Co:Ace Hero Films productions contact details (Hong Kong)
Description:A Rock and Roll Adventure in China with Loud and outrageous Rock and Roll attitude music mixing Heavy Guitars with Techno Grooves and wild stage performances Package with a comic concept includes , interviews photos and artwork Shot In Hong Kong ,Shen, Zhen Shanghai Taiwan and Japan .
Rights Available:All, Worldwide
Producer:George Chan , Dickson Lo and Silvester See
Director:Fred See Carpio
Writer:Geoff Fuego See
Cast:Silvester See, Eric Ferreira, Chris Har , David Fung , Dickson Lo ,Mr. Cheung Joe
Target Audience:19-30 years
General:Silvester See project Z" Black Techno " Documentary " It Just Happen " is a Rare concept ever by any artists in the world brings fresh experienced towards the lives of a Real rock artists with Rock music in the Chinese world and now Opening up to the world .
Synopsis:Before the Handover to China , we saw that our government forcefed high-tech educations towards the new generations with full speed to a stage that it was pretty unnecessary and unnatural as a human being Thinking , That'it' s a good topic for a artistic rock roll story , started to composed towards these directions casting the dead digital rythum machines to bring elements out like the cold and cheesiness of our commercial society and also represents Technology . The passionate sometimes outrageously sad but Helpless Cries of voicing together with pop melodies and Angry lunatic guitars reminds us THE careless HUMAN. Carrying on , became the story of Black Techno an all original illustrated comic concept album about a teenager 's mission to retain human expressions as much as possible against the computerized formats of lives invading everyone in this world with Techno Grooves and Heavy Guitars and trippy hardcore vocals In 1996 When China is on it's way Taking Over Hong Kong Silvester See Rock and Roll educational extensive Tour Featuring project Z " Black Techno " was thundering all of Hong Kong local different districts with underground attitudes but commercialism strategies hoping to promote freedom of speech with arts and music that will influenced The Chinese laws when they arrive. Finally brought them a slot to tour China and later eventhough ' Black Techno Chinese Title " Technology Sins " was Banned for reasons not clear still landed a major distributions through Shanghai Audio in 1999 . Black Techno is probably the first only fully Independently produced Rock album with a concept released in China and Hong Kong in Mandarin , English and Cantonese languages. After 4 years of gathering materials The Story of Black Techno is put into video Title " It Just Happen " .